Adam Smith Was a Bully Long Before Chick-fil-A Made Him Infamous and Unemployed
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By now, everyone has seen the Youtube video, made by then Vante CFO Adam Smith of himself going through the drive-thru of Chick-fil-A to protest their CEO, Dan Cathy's statement on gay marriage. For no other reason than to satisfy his own smugness, Smith pulls up to the window being manned by a young lady and orders a glass of water as a protest of Chick-fil-A Day. She cordially gives him his glass of water -- for free, mind you -- and then is subjected to an incessant temper tantrum by Mr. Smith. After all the negative comments by straights and gays alike of his actions, Smith hastily proceded to pull down all the videos he had in his account once he figured out people had his personal information. But little did he know, once you put something up on the internet, it is forever. A day later, Smith was promptly fired by Vante because of complaints made to the company, due to his behavior.


A few days later after his firing, Smith made another Youtube video titled: Apologies and Clarifications, to explain why he did what he did and to apologize to the girl -- after she refused to meet with him personally -- on whom he took out his rage. It's basically 7:48 minutes of your life you'll never get back once you see the (bleep) eating grin on his face throughout, and you get this feeling that he is really not sorry for his actions, but rather sorry he got caught.


Remember when I said the things you put on the internet are forever? It turns out that Mr. Smith has a problem -- a bullying problem. That brings me to a Youtube video Adam Smith hastily deleted from his account that predates the Chick-fil-A video which made him infamous. In this video, Mr. Smith -- off camera this time -- is harassing an old man who is observing Good Friday as repentence for bad choices made in his own life by carrying a cross accross the country, emulating Christ's walk through the streets of Jeruselem on his way to be crucified at Golgatha for charity since 2009. On a side note, the old man uses the money to go around helping the poor and repairing their houses in his spare time around the country. The video itself is pretty benign because he ran out of disk space on his iPhone to record all of his smugness -- probably due to an over abundance of self-help apps (emphasis mine) -- but the comments he left in the description of the video says it all.


"Drove by this guy on Good Friday and had to stop to ask where this guy was coming from. My iPhone ran out of disk space. Unfortunately, you missed the part when he made claims about the authenticity of the Scripture and how 'if he's wrong then no big deal but if I'm wrong then I'll be sorry'. I didn't let him just speak to me that way, so I cited off facts that completely refuted his claims. He got tired of me, asked me if he could pray for me, I said 'no' and then he continued up the mountain with his cross (that had a wheel on the bottom part)."


Remember the testement he made to the girl at the drive-thru? "I'm a nice guy, really, and totally heterosexual." This time he claims he was a Christian for 25 years before becoming an atheist a year earlier. I'm seeing a pattern here.... Maybe he should have said "I am a bully, really, and totally always was a bully." You decide.


***UPDATE*** Arizona Chick-fil-A worker berated on viral video wants to meet with bully.

“I appreciate that he came forward, but I’m definitely interested in speaking with him,” the Tuscon, Ariz., drive-through worker--who would only give her first name, Rachel—told FoxNews.com. “I want to see if he was sincere and let him know why I handled it the way I did and not take legal action, which a lot of people told me I should do.”

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